Trainer Renata Tőkés

My name is Renáta Tőkés, I have 2 children. I am a fitness trainer, a Pre-and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, the Country Leader of Kangatraining Hungary and the Founder of RTM – Rectus Training Method.
Sport has been part of my life since I was 16. I wanted to return to my active life immediately after the birth of my daugter. I felt stronger and stronger, however that my previously flat belly did not want to improve no matter, how much I trained it.
I had been a competitor earlier in taekwon-do, so it was hard to accept it. I thouht that it might be normal after giving birth. That is how I started my second pregnancy.
But it chased me more and more and I started to make researches in connection with this problem. I read everything I found – but I did not find any answers, help or method in my Country, which was trustworthy.
Another question that concerned me was how I could train with two kids. I signed up to a world-famous, professional postnatal trainer course in Vienna, Austria – called Kangatraining.  
That was the first occasion, where I was explained what Diastasis Recti is.
Since then I have learned a lot, have done several researches, and have taken part in different physical and theoratical trainings as well.
Meanwhile, I was testing exercises, my own belly was my best teacher.
My way is to help women, mothers to live healthy and become self-confident. They have to know that they can help their bellies safely, gradually. They are not alone! 
My goal is to make this knowledge be available for as many trainers and health professionals as possibe. The Diastasis Recti is a real problem. It is not just an aesthetic one but it means the loss of body functions as well. Women shold not live with Diastasis Recti, this is treatable.